Welcome to Ape MOASS
Concisely, Apes are social media stock traders battling Wall Street’s practice of illegal counterfeit short selling. A MOASS (Mother of all Short Squeezes) is the financial prize for the victory in this (99% vs the 1%)  battle.  This mega financial conflict started with GameStop and moved on to AMC in early 2021. NOTE: Lou rejected that some of the family called ourselves APEs, and was first to call out Project Popcorn and the Corruption of the Stock via the APE dividend and Reverse Split.
I made a website for Lou “RetailFamily.org” which has now expired. Lou gave hope to us as we garnered big losses in AMC and he then moved us into Crypto  – with his prescient xForceTrifecta.

Now I own a just 105 shares of AMC and 40 shares of GME (Billions hidden in the ETF 204 loophole). Let’s see… now just 3 other heavily-shorted (counterfeited) final stocks
– FNGR, GTII, ZJYL.  Corruption still is rampant – see CounterfeitStocks.com
After these stocks do what they do, I’m saying goodbye to Wallstreet!
Once we move to blockchain,
TokenizedUSsecurities.com – I might re-enter!

I am Ape MoonshotTed  

 Lou Bravo
Father of the Retail Family
Giant Hugs – RIP
Plan B with Elk – Prescient May 2022 Video!
All has Come to Pass – Be Prepared!

Milestones in Short Selling
Click to open in a new tab at CEOBloc History

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